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The Gallery of Transportation

and the "Gauge One Collector Newsletter"

Specializing in 1/32 Gauge 1 Railway Models

Purveyors of the Finest Transportation Models to Discriminating Collectors

Welcome to The Gallery of Transportation's home page. If you are a serious collector of fine or museum quality models especially railway pieces, you have found a gallery unique in all the world! We at the Gallery understand your passion for craft and the feeling that models can, indeed be art. We specialize in 1/32 scale, Gauge 1 railway models from all over the globe. The gallery also offers model autos, boats and original transportation art from our talented artists!

The Gallery has Moved!

Our New Address is:

8340 NW 74th Avenue

Miami, Florida 33166


305-863-3213 Fax


Gauge One Model Railways

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The Gallery has many railway models new and , especially, sold out editions from previous runs. The Gallery of Transportation is also a distributor of the finest Gauge One (1/32) Scale makers including:


The Gallery is a display agent to these fine makers:

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The Gallery is open by appointment only. This is not a matter that should concern you! Just call (305 863 3220), fax (305 863 3213), write (address below), or e-mail us. Our hours this way will be very flexible. Short notice is fine. We love to show our models to interested people! Please contact us and visit.

Gallery of Transportation
8340  NW 74th Avenue
Miami, Florida 33166
305-863-3220  Fax 305-863-3213

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